The Wong Choon Hee Elective Bursaries 2012

In association with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh


The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, in association with Surgicareers and Miss Amanda Wong-Powell (MBChB Sheffield MRCS Edinburgh), is pleased to offer medical students an opportunity to apply for the Wong Choon Hee elective bursary towards their elective in Surgery.
Mr. Wong Choon Hee, who passed away on 10th June 2007, after a battle with pancreatic cancer, was Miss Wong-Powell's late father and this bursary is in memory of him. He supported her through medical school and was keen for everyone to have an opportunity for a career in surgery.
Three bursaries are available, one of £250 and two of £125.

Students wishing to apply for the bursary will find more details on the RCS Edinburgh site here:

Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Student Bursaries

The Wong Choon Hee bursary winners have been chosen for 2012. Due to the strength of all the applications, we took the decision to award 5 bursaries this year.
The winners are:
1. Miss Jingwen Lee - University of Aberdeen - £250
2. Mr. Nicholas Denny - University of Oxford - £125
3. Mr. Luke Christopher Holland - Brighton and Sussex Medical School - £125
4. Miss Sarah-Louise Kelly - University of Edinburgh - £100
5. Mr. Colin Low - University of Edinburgh - £100
Congratulations to all 5, we were all very impressed with their achievements so far, and wish them all the best on their electives. We will publish their reports on the electives when they return.