About Us

We are a team of energetic and enthusiastic doctors and surgeons who are keen to impart our knowledge and experience to help with your medical or surgical career from the very start.

We aim to equip and support you as you progress along your career to achieve the best that you can whilst maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

We will be running relevant medical courses for medical students, foundation year doctors and specialty trainees. Courses will vary from examination preparation to work and career preparation.

Although there are many courses available, we found that there are significant areas which will benefit from a fresh approach taking into account the significant changes in training, working practices and organisational structure. Our philosophy is that courses should not just be classroom lectures but have a large element of practical training in smaller groups.

Our advisory board consists of senior experienced consultants from various specialties who will be overseeing all our projects.

We will also be providing you with online resources to assist with your revision, portfolio making and career guidance.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or if there is anything we can assist with.